David Vázquez

26 November 2014

How to write a modern Lisp library with ASDF3 and Package Inferred System

If you are a novice Lisp programmer and you are confused about the difference between systems and packages, I recommend you to read the Packages, systems, modules, libraries - WTF? before you continue.

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16 July 2013

PostgreSQL from Lisp

Hello everybody,

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01 May 2013

The surprising JSCL rising

I am just back from a few days of holidays and have seen how active JSCL is! It is really exciting.

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11 April 2013

Back in action

Hello everyone. I have been away some days from the computer, but I am back now! I have spent two weeks in New York visiting such a great city. I had the opportunity to attend to a LispNYC meetup and enjoy the great atmosphere there. I hope to come back soon.

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